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Personalised Nutrition is a bespoke therapeutic approach which is all about you and your health needs. 



My clients often come to me feeling stressed, exhausted and generally under-par, but haven't yet managed to get to the bottom of what may be causing their symptoms.


Or they may be facing chronic ill-health challenges and realise they need to take action and make changes to stem the decline.


Some of them simply know that prevention is better than cure, and want to optimise their diet and lifestyle so they can be the healthiest they can be.

 We work together to agree and implement a personalised health programme with whatever combination of clinical nutrition, dietary analysis and coaching support you need. Our programmes integrate the latest nutritional science, functional medicine and motivational coaching into practical stategies, putting you in charge of your health, and helping you make sustainable changes that get lasting results.

True health is much more than just an absence of diagnosed disease or symptoms. It is a state  of physical, mental and social well-being resulting in vitality and balance from within.

Not sure where to start?

Want to discuss which programme may suit you best?

Need some help getting motivated?


Let me help you.

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