Change is not always easy, especially when it comes to something as fundamental as your diet and lifestyle. 


Tailored Personalised Nutrition and Health Coaching packages include all the tools and support that you will need to make sustainable and lasting change and help you reach your health goals. 


We always start with an initial personalised Nutrition consultation to ensure that I have a detailed picture of your current health and health history.  We explore your health vision and aspirations, helping you get clear about where you want to go, and set stretching but achievable goals to get you there. Setting a clear vision and being accountable to someone else for you actions greatly increases the chance of success.


Along the way, I teach you what it means to be healthy, and how you can apply that in a way that works for your lifestyle. Creating new habits takes time, which is why my coaching programmes are for a minimum of 12 weeks.


We then meet in person or by phone/skype on a regular basis to discuss progress, unblock barriers to success and keep you motivated and inspired to become the healthiest version of yourself.


Take control of your health and completely change the way you feel in just 12 weeks…